Where is the Power Converter in my RV?

Electricity is one of the main amenities that you have in your RV that makes boondocking different than tent camping. Modern RVs can use batteries to power up lights, stoves, and even fridges. That is why you need to know where the power converter in your RV is as that is where 120-volt power is … Read more

Camping in Pine Valley Utah

Camper Van Campsite

Pine valley is a beautiful location in Washington County, Utah not very far from the Arizona border. Pine Valley is a meeting place of stunning nature, nestled in between the Santa Clara River and the Pine Valley Mountains. Although not as famous as many other camping grounds in the United States,Pine Valley will surprise you … Read more

Pros and Cons of RV Covers


Have you ever dreamed of owning your RV, living on the go, or traveling full time? Many people do. But to warn you – living in an RV full time can be costly. The basic costs – including camping fees, bills, and maintenance – can cost $2,300 a month. But, of course, if you’re careful … Read more

Death Valley Dispersed Camping: 5 Best Places !

Dispersed camping in Death Valley

Camping in Death Valley, California is specific in many ways. While regular boondocking rules apply as always, there are some additional notes for Death Valley dispersed camping that we should consider. The goal here is to protect both ourselves and the environment we are camping in. If you are boondocking, there are fewer camps that … Read more