Are RV Plugs 110v or 220v?

RV Plugs

The best thing about a good RV is that it can have all of the amenities you might find in a good home. But, those amenities often require electricity and it is important to know if RV plugs are 110v or 220v and how to spot a difference. Thankfully, this is not hard and just … Read more

Winterize rv without antifreeze

Motorhome in RV Park

RVs are designed to be used in all types of weather, but if you’re going to store your RV during the winter, it’s important to winterize it properly. That will help prevent damage from freezing temperatures and keep your RV in good condition. Just ask some of the experts – they’ll say the same thing. … Read more

Winterization and RV Antifreeze

RV antifreeze

RV ownership has been on a rise for the last couple of years. Now, there are more RV owners among Americans than ever – with over a million of them living in their campers full-time. People who’ve ditched their homes RVs say that the lifestyle change made them happier and improved their lives. Of course, … Read more

Cost of living in an RV Full-Time

rv living

Before the pandemic, over 1 million people in America lived in an RV. That’s quite a well-known fact, which you probably knew. But did you know that the number of full-tome RVers might go up significantly over the next few years? Nearly 94 million Americans consider themselves campers. According to the North American Camping Report, … Read more