Camping in Pine Valley Utah

Pine valley is a beautiful location in Washington County, Utah not very far from the Arizona border. Pine Valley is a meeting place of stunning nature, nestled in between the Santa Clara River and the Pine Valley Mountains.

Although not as famous as many other camping grounds in the United States,Pine Valley will surprise you with pristine and untouched nature and its several recreational areas and camping grounds that will meet the expectations even of the pickiest campers and visitors.

Keep reading as we tell you what sets Pine Valley apart and the best places for setting up your tent in the area.


If you are looking to camp in Pine Valley, UT you might want to take a note of the weather conditions in the area. If you are not a well-seasoned camper it would be a wise idea to skip the coldest months of the year – December, January, February, and March. During these months, the average temperatures will rarely cross  44.6° Fahrenheitwhile the lowest temperatures can drop as low as 19.4° Fahrenheit.

May, June, July, August,and September are the most comfortable months to visit and camp in PineValley. During summer months, the lowest temperatures during the night are well above freezing and you can expect some pleasant temperatures during the day.

Pine Valley is ideal for camping because it has an average of 257 sunny days which is 50 days more than the U.S. average. Summer months are probably the most ideal time to visit Pine Valley, the most popular month to visit is in sunny July when the high temperature sits around a comfortable 85.3 ° Fahrenheit ensuring a pleasant camping experience.

Before embarking on this trip, we advise you to check the rain conditions in the area if you would prefera dry camping experience. Pine Valley is known for having only around 68 wet days during the year – well below the United States average.

Camping conditions in Utah

Most of the public land in Utah is accessible to campers and open to tent camping and unlike many other states, even if there are no campgrounds nearby you are still very likely to be able to set up a tent on public land in Utah. If you are in doubt, you can always check with local agencies that tend and manage the land and they will be happy to answer any questions you might have and give you more in-depth information about setting up a tent in Pine Valley.

A good rule of thumb for those campers that prefer dispersed camping is that it is typically allowed as long as you do not do it in areas that are marked as “closed to camping” or if camping is labelled as an activity creating adverse effects on the natural habitat of the Utah wildlife.

For those that prefer camping in organised campgrounds and recreation areas,Pine Valley has a couple of them that will satisfy even the neediest and well-seasoned campers.

The ideal thing about camping in PineValley, UT is that many camping sites and recreation areas also serve as multi-use campsites and offer many sites for RVs.This outline of the recreation areas makes it so much more accessible and easier for those who would never separate from their beloved RV.If you are one of those adventurers, then look no further and find yourself a neat RV spot on Pine Valley’smany RV-friendly camping grounds.

Notable sights

Pine Valley Reservoir

ThePine Valley Reservoir is a beautiful and unspoiled natural environment known for its fishing sites and rich local wildlife. It is beloved by camping aficionados,  hikers, and families that love to frequent this area.

The lush grasslands make a stunning contrast with the awesome streams and pine forest-dotted landscapes. The Pine Valley Reservoir feels like one great unexplored wilderness and the local wildlife will surely leave you in awe.

Zion National Park

Not far away from the Pine Valley, Zion National Park offers a somewhat different landscape that mesmerises campers and tourists alike.The Zion National Park proudly boasts beautiful deep canyons complemented by rich, red sandstone cliffs.

If you are on a more adventurous side and you like that kick from an adrenaline rush more than anything, then you will love horseback riding, bicycling, or even exploring the Zion Park canyons on your own.

It is hard to find an area in this part of the country where you will see such a contrast between green, pink, red, and orange. With many different hiking trails, Zion National Park is truly a buffet of everything, for nature lovers of all ages and experiences.

Zion National Park is not overcrowded even during peak seasons so if you feel like escaping from the crowds and enjoying some beautiful sights, Zion National Park is always there to welcome you on a sunny day.

Take a day trip to Cedar City

If you would like to expand your area and explore the wider setting of the Pine Valley,then you can explore Cedar City known for its natural and historic landmarks like the Cedar City White Temple or thepristine ski slopes. This small town has many summer festivals and offers a delightful traditional Summer Games event.

Its picturesque, small-town charm will make you feel like you came right out of the movie. Many campers like to venture out into Cedar City even if onlyfor a couple of hours to replenish their supplies and take a peek into this charming small town and what it has to offer.

You can also use Cedar City as a good base for planning to see the rest of the PineValley. The skies above Cedar City are not that heavily polluted by lights so you can expect to see some of the clearest views of the Milky Way.

Cedar City truly has it all,if that’s your thing, check out some of its many American-style diners, coffee shops. If all that is too much of a hassle for your nature-loving spirit, you can always check out some of the many grocery stores and easily restock and set out on your next Pine Valley adventure.

Check out the Snow Canyon State Park

Not that far away is the Snow Canyon State Park, a beautiful location located in the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve.The beautiful red sands of the Snow Canyon State Park will mesmerise every camper and hiker and many visitors to the area do not miss a chance to visit the dramatic, red-coloured cliffs and red rock formations. The winding canyons are ideal for hiking, mountain biking, and they even have horseback riding!

If you want to experience the very junction of the Great Basin, the Colorado Plateau, and the Mojave Desert you will fall in love with the dramatic desert climate and crisp breeze with some of the most spectacular morning breaks that you can experience in this part of the United States. Look carefully and you might even spot alone coyote or a lizard enjoying the beautiful environment of the Snow Canyon State Park.

See the Quail Creek State Park

TheQuail Creek State Park is another gem nestled in a 600-acre reservoir dotted with the beautiful historic ghost town of Harrisburg. The Quail Creek Park gives off an air of mystery and historical wonder that goes hand in hand with unspoiled nature.

The location is perfect for boating, fishing, and swimming. The crystal-clear waters of the Quail Creek State Park make it an ideal place for catfish and rainbow trout to thrive in its unspoiled waters. Creek State Park is known for its walking trails overlooking rock dams and cliffs and dazzling landscapes of grasslands and ponds.

Pine valley recreation areas

Mitt Moody Campground

TheMitt Moody campground is a well-maintained campsite in Pine Valley with excellent reviews, pleasant park workers, and the unspoiled nature in a quiet place surrounded by a primaeval Dixie National forest.

If you like to camp with their pets then you will be happy to learn that Mitt Moody is pet-friendly but maintains high standards soyou should expect to see (and maintain) a clean, smoke-free area that applies not only to the campgrounds but also to thewalking trails that they offer.

The camp offersa diverse range of campsites from those looking at nearby streams to those that are closer to the hills. If you are coming with avehicle, remember that MittMoody allows one vehicle to be parked per site and they allow a maximum length of stay of 14 days.

If you are looking for a more primitive camping experience without being bothered by the noise and a constant influx of other campers, then the Mitt Moody sites are ideal for you.

Oak Grove Campground

Oak Grove campground is another well-maintained campsite in Pine Valley with plenty of space to camp. Oak Grove offers another great space for camping witha toilet and other amenities.

The campsite is another terrific place to getaway from the crowds. The campground is also not far away from the Oak Grove hiking trail which is 5 kilometres of untouched nature that is perfectfor those who like a more challenging walking route.

Pine Valley Recreation Area

Pine Valley Recreation Area is another beloved camping site in Pine Valley. It is a well-maintained park popular for fishing and its beautiful trails. The recreational area has many swimming areas and pets are welcome everywhere except near the swimming areas.

If you are coming with a family and are curious about setting up a fire pit, make sure to inform yourself about the local fire conditions before doing so, especially during dry summer months.

You can always use the website to check the availability of the Pine Valley Recreation Area and other campsites.

Out of all campsites that we found in the area, thePine Valley Recreation Area is probably the best for families with many picnic tables and grills. The campsite provides toilets and drinking water aplenty and for those that prefer sports, there are horseshoe pits and volleyball courts on site.

Pine Valley Guard Station

The PineValley Guard Station is another highlight for camping in the Pine Valley area close to the Dixie National Forest and is relatively close to fishing sites and walking trails where motorised access is not allowed.

The Guard Station is ideal even in the winter months because it allows cross country skiing, it has plenty of snow trails and many other winter sports opportunities not far from the Pine Valley Recreation Area. During winter, the Guard Stationturns into an idyllic quiet winter cabin retreat however it is advisable to bring your bedding, water, and other equipment you might find useful during your stay.

What truly separates the Guard Station from other camping sites is that it is available year-round, and it is generally cheaper during winter months and allows up to eight people. TheGuard Station does not allow pets so keep that in mind before considering a camping adventure with your furry friend.

Bottom line

There you have it! Pine Valley, Utah is a place of natural wonders and is perfect for campers of all ages and experiences.We just gave you a brief overlook of some of the most fascinating places in the area known for its pristine state parks and unspoiled nature.

Pine Valley is a place for those that prefer peace and quiet, far away from the crowds and feeling connected to nature, experiencing it as it is, in its most raw form.

The area has a highly developed network of RV grounds, camping sites, and recreational areas. It is important to remember that staying in Pine Valley also comes with a great responsibility so we do advise you to take extra precautionsduring the driest and warmest months to avoid the risk of disturbing the local wildlife with accidental fires or any other form of damage or pollution. 

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